HLearn-distributions- Distributions for use with the HLearn library

Safe HaskellNone



newtype MultiNormal prob xs Source


MultiNormal (MultiNormalVec (Length xs) prob) 


(Eq prob, Unbox prob) => Eq (MultiNormal prob xs) 
(Ord prob, Unbox prob) => Ord (MultiNormal prob xs) 
(Read prob, Unbox prob) => Read (MultiNormal prob xs) 
(Show prob, Unbox prob) => Show (MultiNormal prob xs) 
Monoid (MultiNormalVec (Length * xs) prob) => Monoid (MultiNormal prob xs) 
Num prob => NumDP (MultiNormal prob xs) 
(SingI Nat (Length * xs), Num prob, Unbox prob, HList2List (Datapoint (MultiNormal prob xs)) prob) => HomTrainer (MultiNormal prob xs) 
Num prob => HasRing (MultiNormal prob xs) 
Module (MultiNormalVec (Length * xs) prob) => Module (MultiNormal prob xs) 
Abelian (MultiNormalVec (Length * xs) prob) => Abelian (MultiNormal prob xs) 
Group (MultiNormalVec (Length * xs) prob) => Group (MultiNormal prob xs) 
NFData (MultiNormal prob xs) 
(HList2List (HList dpL) prob, Unbox prob, Floating prob, Field prob, Enum prob, SingI Nat (FromNat1 (Length1 * dpL)), Storable prob) => PDF (MultiNormal prob dpL) 
(HList2List (HList dpL) prob, Unbox prob, Num prob, SingI Nat (FromNat1 (Length1 * dpL))) => Probabilistic (MultiNormal prob dpL)