HSGEP-0.1.5: Gene Expression Programming evolutionary algorithm in Haskell

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Code representing a single step of the GEP algorithm resides here.

single step of fitness evaluation, selection and reproduction to make a new population

process includes:

  1. expression of individuals
  2. fitness evaluation
  3. filtration to eliminate individuals yielding impossible fitness values (infinite or NaN)
  4. preservation of best individual
  5. generation of roulette selection weights
  6. roulette selection of individuals
  7. perform mutation operator
  8. IS transposition
  9. RIS transposition
  10. Gene transposition
  11. 1Pt recombination
  12. 2Pt recombination
  13. Gene recombination

Author: mjsottile@computer.org




:: [Chromosome]

List of individuals

-> Genome


-> SimParams

Simulation parameters

-> Rates

Gene operator rates

-> ExpressionFunction a

Expression function

-> FitnessFunction a b

Fitness function

-> TestDict b

Fitness inputs

-> TestOuts

Fitness outputs

-> Int

Maximum number of generations to test

-> Double

Ideal fitness

-> GEPMonad (Double, [Chromosome])