HTF- The Haskell Test Framework

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This module integrates the QuickCheck library into HTF. It re-exports all functionality of QuickCheck and defines some additional functions.



Arguments for evaluating properties

defaultArgs :: ArgsSource

The Args used if not explicitly changed.

getCurrentArgs :: IO ArgsSource

Retrieve the Args currently used per default when evaluating quick check properties.

setDefaultArgs :: Args -> IO ()Source

Change the default Args used to evaluate quick check properties.



:: Testable a 
=> (Args -> Args)

Modification function for the default Args

-> a


-> WithQCArgs a 

Run a QuickCheck property with modified quick check arguments Args.

data WithQCArgs a Source

Abstract type for representing quick check properties with custom Args. Used only internally.

Pending properties

qcPending :: Testable t => String -> t -> tSource

Use qcPending msg prop to mark the given quick check property as pending without removing it from the test suite and without deleting or commenting out the property code.

Auxiliary functions

Internal functions

qcAssertion :: QCAssertion t => t -> AssertionSource

Turns a QuickCheck property into an Assertion. This function is used internally in the code generated by htfpp, do not use it directly.