HTTP-4000.0.4: A library for client-side HTTP

Portabilitynon-portable (not tested)
MaintainerSigbjorn Finne <>



An HTTP/1.1 compatible wrapper for the HTTP module.



data BrowserState connection Source


data BrowserAction conn a Source


data Form Source


Form RequestMethod URI [FormVar] 

data Proxy Source

Specifies if a proxy should be used for the request.



Don't use a proxy.

Proxy String (Maybe Authority)

Use the proxy given. Should be of the form http://host:port, host, host:port, or http://host

browse :: BrowserAction conn a -> IO aSource

Apply a browser action to a state.

getAuthorities :: BrowserAction t [Authority]Source

Interacting with browser state:

addCookie :: Cookie -> BrowserAction t ()Source

Adds a cookie to the browser state, removing duplicates.

data BrowserEvent ty Source

BrowserEvent is the event record type that a user-defined handler, set via setEventHandler, will be passed. It indicates various state changes in the processing of a given Request ID.

data BrowserEventType ty Source

BrowserEventType is the enumerated list of events that the browser internals will report to a user-defined event handler.

ioAction :: IO a -> BrowserAction t aSource

Do an io action

uriDefaultTo :: URI -> URI -> URISource

Returns a URI that is consistent with the first argument uri when read in the context of a second. If second argument is not sufficient context for determining a full URI then anarchy reins.