HaTeX-1.0.1: Library for generate LaTeX code.




Here, principal LaTeX commands and environments.


Document's Properties

documentclass :: [ClassOption] -> Class -> LaTeXSource

In header, determines the document class.

usepackage :: [PackageOption] -> Package -> LaTeXSource

In header, import a package.

pagestyle :: Style -> LaTeXSource

In header, determines page style.

thispagestyle :: Style -> LaTeXSource

A local version of pagestyle, to use for any page.

author :: Name -> LaTeXSource

In header, especifies the document's author.

title :: Title -> LaTeXSource

In header, especifies the document's title.

Document Environment

Text order

lnbk :: LaTeXSource

Starts a new line.

pfbk :: LaTeXSource

Starts a new paragraph.

newpage :: LaTeXSource

Starts a new page.




today :: LaTeXSource

Writes current date.

tex :: LaTeXSource

TeX nice word.

latex :: LaTeXSource

LaTeX nice word.

latexe :: LaTeXSource

LaTeX2e nice word.


maketitle :: LaTeXSource

Generates the title page.

tableofcontents :: LaTeXSource

Generates the table of contents.

Cross references


footnote :: Text -> LaTeXSource

Adds a given text to the page's footnote.


underline :: Text -> LaTeXSource

Underlines a text.

emph :: Text -> LaTeXSource

Emphasizes a text.


flushleft :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Left alignment.

flushright :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Right alignment.

center :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Center alignment.

quote :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Quote from a text.

quotation :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Like quote, but indenting the first line of each paragraph.

abstract :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Use abstract to create an abstract, containing the argument's text.

verbatim :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

A text within the verbatim environment has monospaced font and no commands or environments will be executed.

verbatim_ :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Like verbatim, but it makes visible the spaces.

verb :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

An inline version of verbatim.

verb_ :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

An inline version of verbatim_.

Floating Bodies




textrm :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Roman font

texttt :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Monospaced font

textmd :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Medium font

textup :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Upright font

textsl :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Slanted font

textsf :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Sans Serif font

textbf :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Bold font

textit :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Italic font

textsc :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Small Caps font

textnormal :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Default font


Differents fonts size are sorted from lowest to highest.


hspace :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Creates an horizontal spaces with length specified by the argument. See Text.LaTeX.Arguments to create a correct argument.

hspace_ :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Same as hspace, but it ignores start or end of lines.

vspace :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Vertical version of hspace. Useful to separate two paragraphs.

vspace_ :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Same as vspace, but it ignores start or end of pages.

skip :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Like vspace, but for lines of the same paragraph. bigskip and smallskip use skip with predefined arguments.



tabular :: [LaTeX] -> LaTeX -> LaTeX -> TabularSource

The tabular environment can be used to creates tables.

  • First argument specifies vertical position: "c" (center), "t" (top) and "b" (bottom). Example: ["t"]
  • Second argument specifies table's format: "l" (left-aligned text column), "r" (right-aligned text column), "c" (center text column), cjustified (justified text column) and "|" (vertical line). Example: "|l|r|"
  • Third argument refers to table's content: hline inserts an horizontal line, cline inserts a partial horizontal line, (&) separates columns and (//) separates rows.

hline :: LaTeXSource

Insert an horizontal line in a tabular.



:: Int

Start column

-> Int

End column

-> LaTeX 

Insert a partial horizontal line in a tabular.

matrixTab :: [LaTeX] -> LaTeX -> LxMatrix -> TabularSource

A matrix version of tabular. First and second arguments are equal. The generated tabular has the same rows and columns as the matrix.