HaTeX-3.1.0: LaTeX code writer.




LaTeX standard commands and environments.


Basic functions

raw :: Text -> LaTeXSource

Insert a raw piece of Text. This functions doesn't care about LaTeX reserved characters, it insert the text just as it is received.

between :: LaTeX -> LaTeX -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Calling between c l1 l2 puts c between l1 and l2 and appends them.

Preamble commands

title :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Set the title of your document.

author :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Set the author(s) of the document.

date :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Set a date for your document.

institute :: Maybe LaTeX -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Set either an institute or an organization for the document.

usepackage :: [LaTeX] -> String -> LaTeXSource

Import a package. First argument is a list of options for the package named in the second argument.


Document classes

Class options

landscape :: LaTeXSource

Changes the layout of the document to print in landscape mode

openright :: LaTeXSource

Makes chapters begin either only on right hand pages

openany :: LaTeXSource

Makes chapters begin on the next page available.

fleqn :: LaTeXSource

Typesets displayed formulae left-aligned instead of centred.

leqno :: LaTeXSource

Places the numbering of formulae on the left hand side instead of the right.

Paper sizes

Page styles

markboth :: LaTeX -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Used in conjunction with myheadings for setting both the left and the right heading.

markright :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Used in conjunction with myheadings for setting the right heading.

Body commands

maketitle :: LaTeXSource

Generate the title. It normally contains the title name of your document, the author(s) and date.

Document structure

tableofcontents :: LaTeXSource

Create the table of contents, automatically generated from your sections, subsections, and other related stuff.


section :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Start a new section with a given title.

Logos & symbols

latex :: LaTeXSource

The LaTeX logo.

ldots :: LaTeXSource

Horizontal dots.

vdots :: LaTeXSource

Vertical dots.

ddots :: LaTeXSource

Diagonal dots.

HaTeX specific

hatex :: LaTeXSource

Print the HaTeX logo.

hatex3 :: LaTeXSource

Print the HaTeX 3 logo.

hatex_meta :: LaTeXSource

Print the HaTeX-meta logo.

hatex_version :: LaTeXSource

Print the HaTeX logo, beside the complete version number.

Document layout

newline :: LaTeXSource

Start a new line.

lnbk :: LaTeXSource

Start a new line. In a tabular, it starts a new row, so use newline instead.

Formatting text




Page numbering

arabic :: LaTeXSource

Arabic numerals.

roman :: LaTeXSource

Lowercase roman numerals.

roman_ :: LaTeXSource

Uppercase roman numerals.

alph :: LaTeXSource

Lowercase letters.

alph_ :: LaTeXSource

Uppercase letters.




:: Maybe Measure

Optional lifting.

-> Measure


-> Measure


-> LaTeX 

Produce a simple black box.

Cross references




:: Maybe Pos

This optional parameter can be used to specify the vertical position of the table. Defaulted to Center.

-> [TableSpec]

Table specification of columns and vertical lines.

-> LaTeX

Table content. See &, lnbk, hline and cline.

-> LaTeX

Resulting table syntax.

The tabular environment can be used to typeset tables with optional horizontal and vertical lines.

(&) :: LaTeX -> LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Column separator.

hline :: LaTeXSource

Horizontal line.

cline :: Int -> Int -> LaTeXSource

cline i j writes a partial horizontal line beginning in column i and ending in column j.


qts :: LaTeX -> LaTeXSource

Quotation marks.