HaXml-1.20.1: Utilities for manipulating XML documentsSource codeContentsIndex
Validate a document against a dtd.
validate :: DocTypeDecl -> Element i -> [String]
partialValidate :: DocTypeDecl -> Element i -> [String]
validate :: DocTypeDecl -> Element i -> [String]Source

validate takes a DTD and a tagged element, and returns a list of errors in the document with respect to its DTD.

If you have several documents to validate against a single DTD, then you will gain efficiency by freezing-in the DTD through partial application, e.g. checkMyDTD = validate myDTD.

partialValidate :: DocTypeDecl -> Element i -> [String]Source
partialValidate is like validate, except that it does not check that the element type matches that of the DTD's root element.
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