HaskellForMaths-0.4.7: Combinatorics, group theory, commutative algebra, non-commutative algebra

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extendedEuclid :: Integral t => t -> t -> (t, t, t) Source

class (Eq fq, Fractional fq) => FiniteField fq where Source


eltsFq :: fq -> [fq] Source

basisFq :: fq -> [fq] Source

primitiveElt :: (Num a, Eq a) => [a] -> a Source

powers :: (Num a, Eq a) => a -> [a] Source

char :: [a] -> Int Source

type F2 = Fp T2 Source

F2 is a type for the finite field with 2 elements

f2 :: [F2] Source

f2 lists the elements of F2

type F3 = Fp T3 Source

F3 is a type for the finite field with 3 elements

f3 :: [F3] Source

f3 lists the elements of F3

type F5 = Fp T5 Source

F5 is a type for the finite field with 5 elements

f5 :: [F5] Source

f5 lists the elements of F5

type F7 = Fp T7 Source

F7 is a type for the finite field with 7 elements

f7 :: [F7] Source

f7 lists the elements of F7

type F11 = Fp T11 Source

type F13 = Fp T13 Source

type F17 = Fp T17 Source

type F19 = Fp T19 Source

type F23 = Fp T23 Source

type F29 = Fp T29 Source

type F31 = Fp T31 Source

type F37 = Fp T37 Source

type F41 = Fp T41 Source

type F43 = Fp T43 Source

type F47 = Fp T47 Source

type F53 = Fp T53 Source

type F59 = Fp T59 Source

type F61 = Fp T61 Source

type F67 = Fp T67 Source

type F71 = Fp T71 Source

type F73 = Fp T73 Source

type F79 = Fp T79 Source

type F83 = Fp T83 Source

type F89 = Fp T89 Source

type F97 = Fp T97 Source