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A module defining various strongly regular graphs, including the Clebsch, Hoffman-Singleton, Higman-Sims, and McLaughlin graphs.

A strongly regular graph with parameters (n,k,lambda,mu) is a (simple) graph with n vertices, in which the number of common neighbours of x and y is k, lambda or mu according as whether x and y are equal, adjacent, or non-adjacent. (In particular, it is a k-regular graph.)

Strongly regular graphs are highly symmetric, and have large automorphism groups.


isSRG :: Ord a => Graph a -> Bool Source #

t' :: (Ord t, Ord a, Num t, Num a, Enum t, Enum a) => a -> Graph t Source #

t :: (Num a, Enum a, Ord a) => a -> Graph [a] Source #

l2' :: (Ord t, Ord b, Num t, Num b, Enum t, Enum b) => b -> Graph t Source #

l2 :: (Num b, Enum b, Ord b) => b -> Graph (b, b) Source #

paleyGraph :: (Ord t, Num t) => [t] -> Graph t Source #

(+^) :: Ord a => [[a]] -> Permutation a -> [[a]] Source #

(+^^) :: Ord a => [[a]] -> [Permutation a] -> [[[a]]] Source #

sp :: Int -> Graph [F2] Source #

switch :: Ord t => Graph t -> [t] -> Graph t Source #