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connectStream :: Address -> IO Handle
streamServer :: Address -> (Handle -> Address -> IO ()) -> IO (IO ())
data Address
= IP HostName Int
| IPv4 HostName Int
| IPv6 HostName Int
| Unix FilePath
resolve :: Address -> IO SockAddr
reverseLookup :: SockAddr -> IO Address
connectStream :: Address -> IO HandleSource
:: Address
-> Handle -> Address -> IO ()Function called to handle connections
-> IO (IO ())Returns an action you may use to kill the server

Creates a TCP server that will hand off incoming connections to new threads.

Killing the server does not kill these forked threads.

The handle passed to your action will be automatically closed when that action returns.

data Address Source
IP HostName IntHost name and port, IPv4, IPv6, or both
IPv4 HostName IntIPv4 only
IPv6 HostName IntIPv6 only
Unix FilePathUnix domain socket, not available on Windows
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resolve :: Address -> IO SockAddrSource
Returns the best fit only, or a DNSFailure exception
reverseLookup :: SockAddr -> IO AddressSource
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