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MaintainerStefan Schmidt (stefanschmidt@web.de)
Operations on the SiteId
Operations on the SiteMap

Version : 0.1

Just a little Id to help us to decide if two thread are running in the same program or just on the same machine or on differen machines.

data SiteId
type SiteMap = Map HostName (Set SiteId)
getSiteId :: IO SiteId
getSiteHost :: SiteId -> HostName
getSiteProcess :: SiteId -> ProcessID
isSameHost :: SiteId -> SiteId -> Bool
isSameProcess :: SiteId -> SiteId -> Bool
nearestId :: SiteId -> [SiteId] -> Maybe SiteId
emptySiteMap :: SiteMap
addIdToMap :: SiteId -> SiteMap -> SiteMap
deleteIdFromMap :: SiteId -> SiteMap -> SiteMap
deleteHostFromMap :: HostName -> SiteMap -> SiteMap
isSiteIdMember :: SiteId -> SiteMap -> Bool
getNeighbourSiteIds :: SiteId -> SiteMap -> Set SiteId
data SiteId Source
The datatype of the SiteId, it contains the hostname and a processid, so it is possible to decide if two site ids belong to the same process or the the same computer or are on distinct computers.
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type SiteMap = Map HostName (Set SiteId)Source
Just a little Map to hold the SiteIds an to get the neighbout Ids.
Operations on the SiteId
getSiteId :: IO SiteIdSource
Gets the SiteId for the calling program.
getSiteHost :: SiteId -> HostNameSource
Extracts the Hostname from the SiteId.
getSiteProcess :: SiteId -> ProcessIDSource
Extracts the ProcessID from the SiteId.
isSameHost :: SiteId -> SiteId -> BoolSource
Test, if the two Ids are located on the same host.
isSameProcess :: SiteId -> SiteId -> BoolSource
Test, if the two Ids are located on the same host an in the same process.
nearestId :: SiteId -> [SiteId] -> Maybe SiteIdSource
Gets the nearest item from an Id-list compared to a given Id.
Operations on the SiteMap
emptySiteMap :: SiteMapSource
Empty SiteId-Map.
addIdToMap :: SiteId -> SiteMap -> SiteMapSource
Adds an id to the map.
deleteIdFromMap :: SiteId -> SiteMap -> SiteMapSource
Deletes an id from the map.
deleteHostFromMap :: HostName -> SiteMap -> SiteMapSource
Delete a hostname an all its ids from the map.
isSiteIdMember :: SiteId -> SiteMap -> BoolSource
Test, if the site id is already in the list.
getNeighbourSiteIds :: SiteId -> SiteMap -> Set SiteIdSource
Gets all ids which are on the same host, but not the original siteid itself.
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