HsOpenSSL-0.7: (Incomplete) OpenSSL binding for Haskell



An interface to message digest algorithms.



data Digest Source

Digest is an opaque object that represents an algorithm of message digest.

getDigestByName :: String -> IO (Maybe Digest)Source

getDigestByName name returns a message digest algorithm whose name is name. If no algorithms are found, the result is Nothing.

getDigestNames :: IO [String]Source

getDigestNames returns a list of name of message digest algorithms.

digest :: Digest -> String -> StringSource

digest digests a stream of data. The string must not contain any letters which aren't in the range of U+0000 - U+00FF.

digestBS :: Digest -> ByteString -> StringSource

digestBS digests a chunk of data.

digestLBS :: Digest -> ByteString -> StringSource

digestLBS digests a stream of data.



:: Digest

the hash function to use in the HMAC calculation

-> ByteString

the HMAC key

-> ByteString

the data to be signed

-> ByteString

resulting HMAC

Perform a private key signing using the HMAC template with a given hash