LambdaHack- A roguelike game engine in early and active development

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Weapons, treasure and all the other items in the game. No operation in this module involves the State or Action type. TODO: Document after it's rethought and rewritten wrt separating inventory manangement and items proper.


Teh Item type

data Item Source

Game items in inventories or strewn around the dungeon.




jkind :: !(Id ItemKind)

kind of the item

jpower :: !Int

power of the item

jletter :: Maybe Char

inventory symbol

jcount :: !Int

inventory count


newItem :: Ops ItemKind -> Int -> Int -> Rnd ItemSource

Generate an item.

viewItem :: Ops ItemKind -> Id ItemKind -> FlavourMap -> (Char, Color)Source

Represent an item on the map.

itemPrice :: Ops ItemKind -> Item -> IntSource

Price an item, taking count into consideration.

Inventory search

Inventory management

joinItem :: Item -> [Item] -> (Item, [Item])Source

Adds an item to a list of items, joining equal items. Also returns the joined item.

assignLetter :: Maybe Char -> Char -> [Item] -> Maybe CharSource

Assigns a letter to an item, for inclusion in the inventory of a hero. Takes a remembered letter and a starting letter.

Inventory symbol operations

The FlavourMap type

type FlavourMap = Map (Id ItemKind) FlavourSource

Flavours assigned to items in this game.

dungeonFlavourMap :: Ops ItemKind -> Rnd FlavourMapSource

Randomly chooses flavour for all item kinds for this game.

The Discoveries type

type Discoveries = Set (Id ItemKind)Source

The type of already discovered items.