LambdaHack-0.2.8: A roguelike game engine in early and active development

Safe HaskellNone




Re-export the operations of the chosen raw frontend (determined at compile time with cabal flags).


Re-exported raw frontend

data FrontendSession Source

Session data maintained by the frontend.

startup :: String -> (FrontendSession -> IO ()) -> IO ()Source

Starts GTK. The other threads have to be spawned after gtk is initialized, because they call postGUIAsync, and need sview and stags. Because of Windows, GTK needs to be on a bound thread, so we can't avoid the communication overhead of bound threads, so there's no point spawning a separate thread for GTK.

frontendName :: StringSource

The name of the frontend.

promptGetAnyKey :: FrontendSession -> SingleFrame -> IO KMSource

Display a prompt, wait for any key. Starts in Push or None mode, stop in None mode.

display :: FrontendSession -> Bool -> Maybe SingleFrame -> IO ()Source

Add a frame to be drawn.