LambdaHack- A game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Screen frames and animations.


data DebugModeCli Source




sfont :: !(Maybe String)

Font to use for the main game window.

scolorIsBold :: !(Maybe Bool)

Whether to use bold attribute for colorful characters.

smaxFps :: !(Maybe Int)

Maximal frames per second. This is better low and fixed, to avoid jerkiness and delays that tell the player there are many intelligent enemies on the level. That's better than scaling AI sofistication down based on the FPS setting and machine speed.

snoDelay :: !Bool

Don't maintain any requested delays between frames, e.g., for screensaver.

sdisableAutoYes :: !Bool

Never auto-answer all prompts, even if under AI control.

snoAnim :: !(Maybe Bool)

Don't show any animations.

snewGameCli :: !Bool

Start a new game, overwriting the save file.

sbenchmark :: !Bool

Don't create directories and files and show time stats.

ssavePrefixCli :: !(Maybe String)

Prefix of the save game file.

sfrontendStd :: !Bool

Whether to use the stdout/stdin frontend for all clients.

sfrontendNull :: !Bool

Whether to use void (no input/output) frontend for all clients.

sdbgMsgCli :: !Bool

Show clients' internal debug messages.