LambdaHack- A game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers

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The type of game rule sets and assorted game data.



data RuleKind Source

The type of game rule sets and assorted game data.

For now the rules are immutable througout the game, so there is no type Rule to hold any changing parameters, just RuleKind for the fixed set. However, in the future, if the rules can get changed during gameplay based on data mining of player behaviour, we may add such a type and then RuleKind will become just a starting template, analogously as for the other content.

The raccessible field holds extra conditions that have to be met for a tile to be accessible, on top of being an open tile (or openable, in some contexts). The raccessibleDoor field contains yet additional conditions concerning tiles that are doors, whether open or closed. Precondition: the two positions are next to each other. We assume the predicate is symmetric.




rsymbol :: !Char

a symbol

rname :: !Text

short description

rfreq :: !(Freqs RuleKind)

frequency within groups

raccessible :: !(Maybe (Point -> Point -> Bool))

see above

raccessibleDoor :: !(Maybe (Point -> Point -> Bool))

see above

rtitle :: !Text

the title of the game

rpathsDataFile :: FilePath -> IO FilePath

the path to data files

rpathsVersion :: !Version

the version of the game

rcfgUIName :: !FilePath

base name of the UI config file

rcfgUIDefault :: !String

the default UI settings config file

rmainMenuArt :: !Text

the ASCII art for the Main Menu

rfirstDeathEnds :: !Bool

whether first non-spawner actor death ends the game

rfovMode :: !FovMode

FOV calculation mode

rwriteSaveClips :: !Int

game is saved that often

rleadLevelClips :: !Int

server switches leader level that often

rscoresFile :: !FilePath

name of the scores file

rsavePrefix :: !String

name of the savefile prefix

rnearby :: !Int

what distance between actors is nearby


Show RuleKind

A dummy instance of the Show class, to satisfy general requirments about content. We won't have many rule sets and they contain functions, so defining a proper instance is not practical.

data FovMode Source

Field Of View scanning mode.



restrictive shadow casting (not symmetric!)


permissive FOV


digital FOV

validateSingleRuleKind :: RuleKind -> [Text] Source

Catch invalid rule kind definitions. In particular, this validates the ASCII art format (TODO).

validateAllRuleKind :: [RuleKind] -> [Text] Source

Since we have only one rule kind, the set of rule kinds is always valid.