MissingPy-0.10.5: Haskell interface to Python

MaintainerJohn Goerzen,



Maintainer : jgoerzen@complete.org Stability : provisional Portability: portable

Python dict-like objects

Written by John Goerzen, jgoerzen@complete.org

This module can be used to access Python dicts and dict-like objects such as dbm databases. For a higher-level interface to creating and working with these dbm interfaces, please see the functions in MissingPy.AnyDBM. Also, for functions that use this, please see Database.AnyDBM.



data PyDict Source

The basic type for a Python dict or dict-like object.


mkPyDict :: PyObject -> PyDictSource

Takes a PyObject representing a Python dict or dict-like objext and makes it into a PyDict.

fromPyDict :: PyDict -> PyObjectSource

Takes a PyDict and returns its internal PyObject.