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This module corresponds to section 3.1.2 (String Queries) and chapter 7 (Appendix: Extensions) of the OpenAL Specification and Reference (version 1.1).
alExtensions :: GettableStateVar [String]
alIsExtensionPresent :: String -> GettableStateVar Bool
alProcAddress :: String -> GettableStateVar (FunPtr a)
alEnumValue :: String -> GettableStateVar ALenum
alVersion :: GettableStateVar String
alExtensions :: GettableStateVar [String]Source
Contains the list of available extensions.
alIsExtensionPresent :: String -> GettableStateVar BoolSource
To verify that a given extension is available for the current context, use alIsExtensionPresent. For invalid and unsupported string tokens it contains False. The extension name is not case sensitive: The implementation will convert the name to all upper-case internally (and will express extension names in upper-case).
alProcAddress :: String -> GettableStateVar (FunPtr a)Source
To retrieving function entry addresses, applications can use alProcAddress. It contains nullFunPtr if no entry point with the given name can be found. Implementations are free to use nullFunPtr if an entry point is present, but not applicable for the current context. However the specification does not guarantee this behavior. Applications can use alProcAddress to obtain core API entry points, not just extensions. This is the recommended way to dynamically load and unload OpenAL DLLs as sound drivers.
alEnumValue :: String -> GettableStateVar ALenumSource

To obtain enumeration values for extensions, the application has to use alEnumValue of an extension token. Enumeration values are defined within the OpenAL name space and allocated according to specification of the core API and the extensions, thus they are context-independent.

alEnumValue contains 0 if the enumeration can not be found. The presence of an enum value does not guarantee the applicability of an extension to the current context. A non-zero value indicates merely that the implementation is aware of the existence of this extension. Implementations should not attempt to use 0 to indicate that the extensions is not supported for the current context.

alVersion :: GettableStateVar StringSource
Contains a version string in the format "\<spec major number\>./<spec minor number> <optional vendor version information>/".
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