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getRandomNumbers :: Int -> Int -> Int -> IO (Either String [Int])
getRandomSequence :: Int -> Int -> IO (Either String [Int])
getRandomStrings :: Int -> Int -> Bool -> Bool -> Bool -> Bool -> IO (Either String [String])
getQuota :: IO (Either String Int)
:: IntNumber of integers to get
-> IntMinimum number
-> IntMaximum number
-> IO (Either String [Int])Returns either an error string or the list of integers
Used to get a list of random numbers from http:random.org. Note: the minimum must be greater than the maximum. The maximum amount of numbers you can retrieve is 10,000, and the numbers themselves are limited to a range of +/- 1,000,000,000 (inclusive)
:: IntMinimum
-> IntMaximum
-> IO (Either String [Int])
This is just like getRandomNumbers, but instead it will randomize a given interval of integers. The limits on the minimum/maximum are -1e9 to 1e9, inclusive. The interval itself must be less than 10,000.
:: IntNumber of strings requested, max is 10,000
-> IntLength of each string, max is 20
-> BoolShould digits be allowed?
-> BoolShould uppercase be allowed?
-> BoolShould lowercase be allowed?
-> BoolShould each string be unique?
-> IO (Either String [String])
Generate random strings. NOTE: if you specify to generate unique strings, the amount you want to retrieve must be less than or equal to the amount of strings that exist within the character set you specify. In the future there will be a check for this, but you have to be sure as of right now.
getQuota :: IO (Either String Int)Source
Used to check how much of your random.org quota you have. Please see http://random.org/quota for more info.
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