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ReviewBoard.Browser extends Network.Browser module (HTTP package) with support for multipart/form-data content type.

The package contains typed form variables FormVar and chooses the content type encryption based on this. If the form contains a FileUpload, multipart/form-data encryption is used. Otherwise the request falls back to the default Network.Browser encryption.

data Form = Form RequestMethod URI [FormVar]
data FormVar
formToRequest :: Form -> BrowserAction Request
textField :: String -> String -> FormVar
checkBox :: String -> Bool -> FormVar
fileUpload :: String -> FilePath -> String -> FormVar
data Form Source
Typed form
Form RequestMethod URI [FormVar]
data FormVar Source
Typed form variable
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formToRequest :: Form -> BrowserAction RequestSource
Form to request for typed form variables, same as formToRequest in Network.Browser module.
textField :: String -> String -> FormVarSource
Create text field variable
checkBox :: String -> Bool -> FormVarSource
Create checkbox variable
fileUpload :: String -> FilePath -> String -> FormVarSource
Create file upload variable
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