TCache-0.12.1: A Transactional cache with user-defined persistence

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This module decouples the 'IResource" class in two classes one for key extraction Indexable and other ('Serializable" for serlalization and persistence .The last one defines persistence in files as default, but it can be changed to persistence in databases, for example.

The definitions of these classes are in Defs.hs



class Indexable a where Source #

Indexable is an utility class used to derive instances of IResource


data Person= Person{ pname :: String, cars :: [DBRef Car]} deriving (Show, Read, Typeable)
data Car= Car{owner :: DBRef Person , cname:: String} deriving (Show, Read, Eq, Typeable)

Since Person and Car are instances of Read ans Show, by defining the Indexable instance will implicitly define the IResource instance for file persistence:

instance Indexable Person where  key Person{pname=n} = "Person " ++ n
instance Indexable Car where key Car{cname= n} = "Car " ++ n

Minimal complete definition



key :: a -> String Source #

defPath :: a -> String Source #

class Serializable a where Source #

Serialize is an alternative to the IResource class for defining persistence in TCache. The deserialization must be as lazy as possible. serialization/deserialization are not performance critical in TCache

Read, Show, instances are implicit instances of Serializable

   serialize  = pack . show
   deserialize= read . unpack

Since write and read to disk of to/from the cache are not be very frequent The performance of serialization is not critical.

Minimal complete definition


setDefaultPersist :: Persist -> IO () Source #

Set the default persistence mechanism of all serializable objects that have setPersist= const Nothing. By default it is filePersist

this statement must be the first one before any other TCache call

filePersist :: Persist Source #

Implements default default-persistence of objects in files with their keys as filenames

data Persist Source #

a persist mechanism has to implement these three primitives filePersist is the default file persistence





Orphan instances

(Typeable * a, Indexable a, Serializable a) => IResource a Source # 
Serializable a => PersistIndex a Source #

By default the index of a Serializable data persist with the data.