TableAlgebra-0.7.1: Ferry Table Algebra





type Graph = (AlgNode, [(Algebra, AlgNode)])Source

getNode :: Int -> XML AlgebraSource

runXML :: Bool -> Map AlgNode Algebra -> Map AlgNode [String] -> XML a -> [Element ()]Source

Helper functions for constructing xml nodes

childsOf :: [Element ()] -> Element () -> Element ()Source

Childs of takes a list of xml elements, and nests them in the xml element given as a second argument

dataChildOf :: Show a => a -> Element () -> Element ()Source

Data child of takes some data that can be printed and adds that as child to the xml element given as second argument

column :: String -> Bool -> Element ()Source

Construct a column with name n, and new status v

typeN :: ATy -> Element ()Source

XML element representing a type

xmlElem :: String -> Element ()Source

Construct an xml tag with name n

node :: XMLNode -> String -> Element ()Source

Construct an algebraic node with id xId and of kind t

contentNode :: Element ()Source

Construct a content node

attr :: String -> String -> AttributeSource

Construct an attribute for an xml node, attrname = n and its value is v

attrsOf :: [Attribute] -> Element () -> Element ()Source

Attach list of attributes to an xml element