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Portabilitynon-portable (uses GHC extensions)

Framework for record merging.

Idea: MergeableRecord is intended to be a super class for classes providing update operations on records. The ADT induced by such a set of operations can be considered a mergeable record, which can be merged into larger mergeable records essentially by function composition. Finalization turns a mergeable record into a record.

Typical use: Given

data Foo = Foo {l1 :: T1, l2 :: T2}

one define a mergeable record type (MR Foo) by the following instance:

instance MergeableRecord Foo where mrDefault = Foo {l1 = v1_dflt, l2 = v2_dflt}

Typically, one would also provide definitions for setting the fields, possibly (but not necessarily) overloaded:

instance HasL1 Foo where setL1 v = mrMake (foo -> foo {l1 = v})

Now Foo records can be created as follows:

let foo1 = setL1 v1 ... let foo2 = setL2 v2 ~+~ foo1 ... let fooN> = setL1 vN ~+~ foo<N-1 let fooFinal = mrFinalize fooN

class MergeableRecord a whereSource
mrDefault :: aSource
data MergeableRecord a => MR a Source
mrMake :: MergeableRecord a => (a -> a) -> MR aSource
(~+~) :: MergeableRecord a => MR a -> MR a -> MR aSource
mrMerge :: MergeableRecord a => MR a -> MR a -> MR aSource
mrFinalize :: MergeableRecord a => MR a -> aSource
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