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MaintainerHenning Guenther
This module is a helper for signature checking. It gives the text that needs to be hashed in order to create or verify a signature.
data Signature = Signature {
sign_type :: SignType
signature :: ByteString
data SignType
= MD5
| SignUnknown String
data SignatureStatus
= SignatureOK
| SignatureWrong
| CertificateMissing (Certificate -> SignatureStatus)
type NoSignature = ()
type InternalSignature = Either PrivateKey ExternalSignature
type ExternalSignature = Maybe (Signature, SignatureStatus)
class ToInternalSignature s where
toInternal :: s -> InternalSignature
getHashString :: [Content i] -> String
verifySignature :: String -> Signature -> Certificate -> SignatureStatus
data Signature Source
A raw signature.
sign_type :: SignTypeThe type of the signature
signature :: ByteStringThe actual signature
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data SignType Source
Specifies the signature algorithm used to sign a message.
MD5MD5 has been used to sign the message
SignUnknown StringAn unknown signature algorithm was used
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data SignatureStatus Source
This type represents the possible results of verifying a signature.
SignatureOKThe signature was valid
SignatureWrongThe signature was invalid
CertificateMissing (Certificate -> SignatureStatus)The signature could not be checked, becuase a Certificate was missing. The function is a callback to be called when the missing certificate has been acquired.
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type NoSignature = ()Source
No signature has been given.
type InternalSignature = Either PrivateKey ExternalSignatureSource
The message has been locally created, so we know the private key.
type ExternalSignature = Maybe (Signature, SignatureStatus)Source
The signature has been received via network. The signature might be knwon or not.
class ToInternalSignature s whereSource
A class of types that have an internal signature status.
toInternal :: s -> InternalSignatureSource
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getHashString :: [Content i] -> StringSource
Calculates the concatenation of all text nodes in the list of contents, except for receiver elements
verifySignature :: String -> Signature -> Certificate -> SignatureStatusSource
Given a certificate, this function verifies the Signature of a String.
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