adhoc-network-1.0.3: Ad-hoc P2P network protocolSource codeContentsIndex
MaintainerStephan Friedrichs, Henning Guenther
Channel names
Channel ids
data ChannelName
mkChannelName :: String -> ChannelName
anonymous :: ChannelName
validateChannelName :: ChannelName -> Maybe String
data ChannelID = ChannelID {
channelValue :: String
channelHost :: String
Channel names
data ChannelName Source
The ChannelName type, see mkChannelName.
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mkChannelName :: String -> ChannelNameSource
Creates a new ChannelName.
anonymous :: ChannelNameSource
The anonymous ChannelName
validateChannelName :: ChannelName -> Maybe StringSource
Check ChannelName for validity. Return Nothing if it is alright, Just err if it is illegal (err is the reason for that).
Channel ids
data ChannelID Source
The unique ChannelID type identifying each channel.
channelValue :: StringA locally set value, unique per host.
channelHost :: StringThe hostname of the ChannelID.
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