ajhc- Haskell compiler that produce binary through C language

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data Interact Source




interactPrompt :: String

the prompt to use

interactCommands :: [InteractCommand]

a list of commands

interactSettables :: [String]

possible things that may be set

interactVersion :: String

version string to print

interactSet :: Map String String

vars that are actually set

interactExpr :: Interact -> String -> IO Interact

what to run on a bare expression

interactRC :: [String]

commands to run at startup

interactWords :: [String]

list of words to autocomplete

interactEcho :: Bool

whether to echo commands

interactCommandMode :: Bool

whether we are in command mode

interactHistFile :: Maybe String

filename to store history of commands in

interactComment :: Maybe String

comment initializer

beginInteraction :: Interact -> IO ()Source

begin interactive interaction

runInteraction :: Interact -> String -> IO InteractSource

run a command as if typed at prompt