amazonka-directconnect-0.3.4: Amazon Direct Connect SDK.

Safe HaskellNone




Creates a hosted connection on an interconnect.

Allocates a VLAN number and a specified amount of bandwidth for use by a hosted connection on the given interconnect.



Request constructor

Request lenses

acoiBandwidth :: Lens' AllocateConnectionOnInterconnect Text Source

Bandwidth of the connection.

Example: "500Mbps"

Default: None

acoiConnectionName :: Lens' AllocateConnectionOnInterconnect Text Source

Name of the provisioned connection.

Example: "500M Connection to AWS"

Default: None

acoiInterconnectId :: Lens' AllocateConnectionOnInterconnect Text Source

ID of the interconnect on which the connection will be provisioned.

Example: dxcon-456abc78

Default: None

acoiOwnerAccount :: Lens' AllocateConnectionOnInterconnect Text Source

Numeric account Id of the customer for whom the connection will be provisioned.

Example: 123443215678

Default: None

acoiVlan :: Lens' AllocateConnectionOnInterconnect Int Source

The dedicated VLAN provisioned to the connection.

Example: 101

Default: None


Response constructor

Response lenses

acoirBandwidth :: Lens' AllocateConnectionOnInterconnectResponse (Maybe Text) Source

Bandwidth of the connection.

Example: 1Gbps (for regular connections), or 500Mbps (for hosted connections)

Default: None