amazonka-elasticache-0.0.4: Amazon ElastiCache SDK.

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The DeleteReplicationGroup operation deletes an existing cluster. By default, this operation deletes the entire cluster, including the primary node group and all of the read replicas. You can optionally delete only the read replicas, while retaining the primary node group.

When you receive a successful response from this operation, Amazon ElastiCache immediately begins deleting the selected resources; you cannot cancel or revert this operation.



Request constructor

Request lenses

drgFinalSnapshotIdentifier :: Lens' DeleteReplicationGroup (Maybe Text) Source

The name of a final node group snapshot. ElastiCache creates the snapshot from the primary node in the cluster, rather than one of the replicas; this is to ensure that it captures the freshest data. After the final snapshot is taken, the cluster is immediately deleted.

drgReplicationGroupId :: Lens' DeleteReplicationGroup Text Source

The identifier for the cluster to be deleted. This parameter is not case sensitive.

drgRetainPrimaryCluster :: Lens' DeleteReplicationGroup (Maybe Bool) Source

If set to true, all of the read replicas will be deleted, but the primary node will be retained.


Response constructor

Response lenses