amazonka-redshift-0.0.2: Amazon Redshift SDK.

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Sets one or more parameters of the specified parameter group to their default values and sets the source values of the parameters to "engine-default". To reset the entire parameter group specify the ResetAllParameters parameter. For parameter changes to take effect you must reboot any associated clusters.



Request constructor

Request lenses

rcpgParameterGroupName :: Lens' ResetClusterParameterGroup Text Source

The name of the cluster parameter group to be reset.

rcpgParameters :: Lens' ResetClusterParameterGroup [Parameter] Source

An array of names of parameters to be reset. If ResetAllParameters option is not used, then at least one parameter name must be supplied.

Constraints: A maximum of 20 parameters can be reset in a single request.

rcpgResetAllParameters :: Lens' ResetClusterParameterGroup (Maybe Bool) Source

If true, all parameters in the specified parameter group will be reset to their default values.

Default: true


Response constructor

Response lenses

rcpgrParameterGroupStatus :: Lens' ResetClusterParameterGroupResponse (Maybe Text) Source

The status of the parameter group. For example, if you made a change to a parameter group name-value pair, then the change could be pending a reboot of an associated cluster.