amazonka-storagegateway-0.0.7: Amazon Storage Gateway SDK.

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This operation shuts down a gateway. To specify which gateway to shut down, use the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the gateway in the body of your request.

The operation shuts down the gateway service component running in the storage gateway's virtual machine (VM) and not the VM.

After the gateway is shutdown, you cannot call any other API except StartGateway, DescribeGatewayInformation, and ListGateways. For more information, see ActivateGateway. Your applications cannot read from or write to the gateway's storage volumes, and there are no snapshots taken.

If do not intend to use the gateway again, you must delete the gateway (using DeleteGateway) to no longer pay software charges associated with the gateway.



Request constructor

shutdownGateway Source

ShutdownGateway constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

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Response constructor

shutdownGatewayResponse :: ShutdownGatewayResponse Source

ShutdownGatewayResponse constructor.

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