billboard-parser- A parser for the Billboard chord dataset

MaintainerW. Bas de Haas <>
Safe HaskellNone



Summary: A set of combinator parsers that parse Billboard data. See: John Ashley Burgoyne, Jonathan Wild, Ichiro Fujinaga, An Expert Ground-Truth Set for Audio Chord Recognition and Music Analysis, In: Proceedings of International Conference on Music Information Retrieval, 2011. (



pBillboard :: Parser BillboardDataSource

The top-level parser for parsing the billboard data (see parseBillboard).

parseBillboard :: String -> (BillboardData, [Error LineColPos])Source

Toplevel function for parsing Billboard data files. The function returns a tuple containing the result of the parsing in a BillboardData type and a (possibly empty) list of parsing errors.

acceptableBeatDeviationMultiplier :: DoubleSource

A parameter that sets the acceptable beat deviation multiplier, which controls when exceptionally long beat lengths will be interpolated.