cabal-debian-4.15.2: Create a debianization for a cabal package

Safe HaskellNone




debianName :: (Monad m, PkgName name) => PackageType -> DebT m nameSource

Build the Debian package name for a given package type.

mkPkgName :: PkgName name => CompilerFlavor -> PackageName -> PackageType -> nameSource

Build a debian package name from a cabal package name and a debian package type. Unfortunately, this does not enforce the correspondence between the PackageType value and the name type, so it can return nonsense like (SrcPkgName libghc-debian-dev).

mkPkgName' :: PkgName name => CompilerFlavor -> DebBase -> PackageType -> nameSource

mapCabal :: Monad m => PackageName -> DebBase -> DebT m ()Source

Map all versions of Cabal package pname to Debian package dname. Not really a debian package name, but the name of a cabal package that maps to the debian package name we want. (Should this be a SrcPkgName?)

splitCabal :: Monad m => PackageName -> DebBase -> Version -> DebT m ()Source

Map versions less than ver of Cabal Package pname to Debian package ltname