cabal-debian-4.31.7: Create a Debianization for a Cabal package

Safe HaskellNone




update Source


:: Fetcher

function that will do actually downloading

-> FilePath

download indexes to the directory (must already exist)

-> String

binary architecture

-> [DebSource]


-> IO [Maybe (FilePath, Compression)]

(basename of index file, compression status)

update - similar to apt-get update

type Fetcher = URI -> FilePath -> Maybe UTCTime -> IO Bool Source

function-type for a function that downloads a file The timestamp is optional. If the local file is as new or newer than the remote copy, the download may be skipped.

A good choice might be a partially parameterized call to fetch

data Compression Source

Package indexes on the server are uncompressed or compressed with gzip or bzip2. We do not know what will exist on the server until we actually look. This type is used to mark the compression status of what was actually found.



controlFromIndex :: Compression -> FilePath -> ByteString -> Either ParseError (Control' Text) Source

Parse a possibly compressed index file.

controlFromIndex' :: Compression -> FilePath -> IO (Either ParseError (Control' Text)) Source

parse an index possibly compressed file

findContentsFiles :: (FilePath -> Bool) -> FilePath -> IO [FilePath] Source

find the Contents-* files. These are not listed in the Release file

indexesInRelease Source


:: (FilePath -> Bool) 
-> Control' Text

A release file

-> [(CheckSums, Integer, FilePath)] 

tupleFromFilePath :: FilePath -> FilePath -> IO (Maybe FileTuple) Source

make a FileTuple for a file found on the local disk returns Nothing if the file does not exist.