cabal-debian-4.31.9: Create a Debianization for a Cabal package

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Functions and instances used by but not related to cabal-debian. These could conceivably be moved into more general libraries.



curry3 :: ((a, b, c) -> d) -> a -> b -> c -> d Source

buildDebVersionMap :: IO DebMap Source

Read and parse the status file for installed debian packages: varlibdpkgstatus

stripWith :: (a -> Bool) -> [a] -> [a] Source

strictReadF :: (Text -> r) -> FilePath -> IO r Source

replaceFile :: FilePath -> String -> IO () Source

Write a file which we might still be reading from in order to compute the text argument.

modifyFile :: FilePath -> (String -> IO (Maybe String)) -> IO () Source

Compute the new file contents from the old. If f returns Nothing do not write.

dpkgFileMap :: IO (Map FilePath (Set BinPkgName)) Source

Create a map from pathname to the names of the packages that contains that pathname using the contents of the debian package info directory varlibdpkginfo.

debOfFile :: FilePath -> ReaderT (Map FilePath (Set BinPkgName)) IO (Maybe BinPkgName) Source

Given a path, return the name of the package that owns it.

cond :: t -> t -> Bool -> t Source

withCurrentDirectory :: FilePath -> IO a -> IO a Source

From Darcs.Utils - set the working directory and run an IO operation.

getDirectoryContents' :: FilePath -> IO [FilePath] Source

Get directory contents minus dot files.

setMapMaybe :: (Ord a, Ord b) => (a -> Maybe b) -> Set a -> Set b Source

zipMaps :: Ord k => (k -> Maybe a -> Maybe b -> Maybe c) -> Map k a -> Map k b -> Map k c Source

foldEmpty :: r -> ([a] -> r) -> [a] -> r Source

maybeL :: Lens' a (Maybe b) -> Maybe b -> a -> a Source

If the current value of view x is Nothing, replace it with f.

read' :: Read a => (String -> a) -> String -> a Source

modifyM :: MonadState a m => (a -> m a) -> m () Source

intToVerbosity' :: Int -> Verbosity Source

Version of intToVerbosity that first clamps its argument to the acceptable range (0-3).

listElemLens :: (a -> Bool) -> Lens' [a] (Maybe a) Source

maybeLens :: a -> Lens' a b -> Lens' (Maybe a) b Source

fromEmpty :: Set a -> Set a -> Set a Source

fromSingleton :: a -> ([a] -> a) -> Set a -> a Source

(.?=) :: Monad m => Lens' a (Maybe b) -> Maybe b -> StateT a m () Source

Set b if it currently isNothing and the argument isJust, that is 1. Nothing happens if the argument isNothing 2. Nothing happens if the current value isJust

escapeDebianWildcards :: String -> String Source

This should probably be used in a lot of places.