Changelog for cabal-rpm-0.8.2

* 0.8.2 (2013-07-02) - handle pkg-ver arg, and check cabal list is non-empty - sort all generated deps - use yum-builddep again to install deps - copy tarball into cwd for rpmbuild - warn about long synopsis rather than multiline - wrap after end of sentence near end of line - use _isa in requires ghc-<pkg> - --version now outputs to stdout - new --force flag to overwrite existing .spec file * 0.8.1 (2013-06-14) - word wrapping of descriptions - use generic description for shared subpackage - simplify logic for summary and description processing * 0.8.0 (2013-05-31) - new simplier revision to Fedora Packaging - drop %common_summary and %common_description - drop %ghc_package, %ghc_description, %ghc_devel_package, %ghc_devel_description, %ghc_devel_post_postun, %ghc_files, and %ghc_devel_requires - check external programs available before use - tweaks for ghc-7.6.3 and Cabal-1.16 * 0.7.1 (2013-03-22) - add final full-stop to description if missing - add ver-rel to initial changelog entry - fix use of cblrpm-diff force lib option - output warning when .spec already exists - fix handling of package names that end in a digit - output when trying a path - map curl C dep to libcurl * 0.7.0 (2013-01-22) - cabal-rpm command renamed to cblrpm, and cabal-rpm-diff to cblrpm-diff - cblrpm now has commands for spec, srpm, and build - cblrpm will try to install packaged uninstalled depends with sudo yum install - add %ghc_arches_with_ghci for hamlet dep - cblrpm-diff supports -l - cblrpm --version - sort extralibs depends - cleanup of unused options and help output * 0.6.6 (2012-11-21) - generate BRs and Req's for C libraries (extra-libraries) - initial map for some C libs: libglut, libiw, libz, libX* - generate BRs and Req's for pkgconfig-depends - generate BRs for build-tools - initial map for build-tools: gtk2hs-buildtools - map LGPL-2.1 license to LGPLv2+ tag - backup suffix changed from .cabal-rpm to .cblrpm - don't mistake non-existent file in cwd for a package * 0.6.5 (2012-11-01) - drop hscolour BuildRequires - simplify generated BuildRequires: drop version ranges for now, exclude pkg self, base libs, and Cabal - use ExclusiveArch ghc_arches_with_ghci for template-haskell dep - replace --name option with --library to force Lib * 0.6.4 (2012-09-25) - add cabal-rpm-diff - fix manpage generation * 0.6.3 (2012-09-24) - support tarball path argument - use a temporary working dir for opening tarball or cabal unpack - add a manpage * 0.6.2 (2012-09-10) - fix output of L/GPL version * 0.6.1 (2012-07-25) bugfixes: - fix "cabal-rpm pkg" when other *pkg* packages exist in hackage - always generate the extra docs list from the pkg src dir! - now no backslash at end of common_description * 0.6.0 (2012-07-24) - updated to work with Cabal >= 1.10 and current cabal2spec style packaging using currently actively used ghc-rpm-macros - should generate haskell dependencies correctly and also summary and description text - some of the generic compiler supported was dropped for simplicity - rpmbuild support will be re-introduced in a future version * 0.5.1 and earlier (2007-2008) released by Bryan O'Sullivan - should work with ghc-6.8