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data Strf h c = Consf c (h (Strf h c))
hdf :: Strf h c -> c
tlf :: Strf h c -> h (Strf h c)
genStrf :: Functor h => (a -> c) -> (a -> h a) -> a -> Strf h c
strfToList :: Strf Maybe a -> [a]
data Strf h c Source

An H-branching stream. The specific functor chosen for H determines its behavior:

  • Strf Id is an infinite stream
  • Strf Maybe is a non-empty stream
  • Strf [] is a rose tree
Consf c (h (Strf h c))
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hdf :: Strf h c -> cSource
tlf :: Strf h c -> h (Strf h c)Source
genStrf :: Functor h => (a -> c) -> (a -> h a) -> a -> Strf h cSource
strfToList :: Strf Maybe a -> [a]Source
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