cereal-conduit-0.7.1: Turn Data.Serialize Gets and Puts into Sources, Sinks, and Conduits

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type ConduitErrorHandler m o = String -> Conduit ByteString m oSource

What should we do if the Get fails?

type SinkTerminationHandler m r = (ByteString -> Result r) -> Consumer ByteString m rSource

What should we do if the stream is done before the Get is done?

mkConduitGet :: Monad m => ConduitErrorHandler m o -> Get o -> Conduit ByteString m oSource

Construct a conduitGet with the specified ErrorHandler

mkSinkGet :: Monad m => SinkErrorHandler m r -> SinkTerminationHandler m r -> Get r -> Consumer ByteString m rSource

Construct a sinkGet with the specified ErrorHandler and TerminationHandler