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A module for recording View Centric Reasoning (VCR) traces. A view centric reasnoning trace is a list of sets of events. Each set contains independent events that have no causal relationship between them. Hopefully we will publish a paper explaining all this in detail soon.
newtype VCRTrace = VCRTrace (ChannelLabels, [Set RecordedEvent])
runCHP_VCRTrace :: CHP a -> IO (Maybe a, VCRTrace)
runCHP_VCRTraceAndPrint :: CHP a -> IO ()
newtype VCRTrace Source
A VCR (View-Centric Reasoning) trace. It is the channel labels, accompanied by a sequential list of sets of recorded events. Each of the sets is a set of independent events. The set at the head of the list is the first-recorded (oldest).
VCRTrace (ChannelLabels, [Set RecordedEvent])
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runCHP_VCRTrace :: CHP a -> IO (Maybe a, VCRTrace)Source
runCHP_VCRTraceAndPrint :: CHP a -> IO ()Source
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