clay- CSS preprocessor as embedded Haskell.

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Dynamic user interface element control. This CSS3 functionality is still in draft, though it is implemented in several browsers. See and your target browsers' vendor documentation for more information.


User input

data UserInput Source

Selection mode.

userInput :: UserInput -> CssSource

Enabling user interface elements.

inputEnabled :: UserInputSource

Selection mode.

inputDisabled :: UserInputSource

Selection mode.

User modifiability

data UserModify Source

Selection mode.

userModify :: UserModify -> CssSource

Modifiability of an element.

readOnly :: UserModifySource

Selection mode.

readWrite :: UserModifySource

Selection mode.

writeOnly :: UserModifySource

Selection mode.

User selection

userSelect :: UserSelect -> CssSource

Content selection granularity.

selectText :: UserSelectSource

Selection mode.

selectToggle :: UserSelectSource

Selection mode.

selectElement :: UserSelectSource

Selection mode.

selectElements :: UserSelectSource

Selection mode.

User focus

userFocus :: UserFocus -> CssSource

Content focusing granularity.

selectAll :: UserFocusSource

Focus mode.