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Automatic key generation
Actual encryption/decryption
Key types and classes.
getKey :: FilePath -> IO Word256
defaultKeyFile :: String
getDefaultKey :: IO Word256
encrypt :: AESKey k => k -> ByteString -> String
decrypt :: (AESKey k, MonadFailure ClientSessionException m) => k -> String -> m ByteString
type Word256 = LargeKey Word64 Word192
class AESKeyIndirection a => AESKey a
data ClientSessionException
Automatic key generation
:: FilePathFile name where key is stored.
-> IO Word256The actual 256-bit key.
Get a 256-bit key from the given text file. If the file does not exist, or did not contain enough bits, a random key will be generated and stored in that file.
defaultKeyFile :: StringSource
The default key file.
getDefaultKey :: IO Word256Source
Simply calls getKey "client_session_key.aes"
Actual encryption/decryption
:: AESKey k
=> kThe data to encrypt.
-> ByteStringEncrypted and encoded data.
-> String
Encrypt with the given key and base-64 encode. A hash is stored inside the encrypted key so that, upon decryption, integrity can be guaranteed.
:: (AESKey k, MonadFailure ClientSessionException m)
=> kData to decrypt.
-> StringThe decrypted data, if possible.
-> m ByteString
Base-64 decode and decrypt with the given key, if possible. Calls failure if either the original string is not a valid base-64 encoded string, or the hash at the beginning of the decrypted string does not match.
Key types and classes.
type Word256 = LargeKey Word64 Word192Source
class AESKeyIndirection a => AESKey a Source
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data ClientSessionException Source
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