concraft-0.3.0: Morphosyntactic tagging tool based on constrained CRFs

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Types and functions related to the morphosyntax data layer.


Morphosyntax data

type Sent t = [Word t]Source

A sentence of Words.

data Word t Source

A word parametrized over a tag type.




orth :: Text

Orthographic form.

tagWMap :: WMap t

Set of word interpretations. To each interpretation a weight of correctness within the context is assigned.

oov :: Bool

Out-of-vocabulary (OOV) word, i.e. word unknown to the morphosyntactic analyser.


Eq t => Eq (Word t) 
(Eq (Word t), Ord t) => Ord (Word t) 
Show t => Show (Word t) 

mapWord :: Ord b => (a -> b) -> Word a -> Word bSource

Map function over word tags.

mapSent :: Ord b => (a -> b) -> Sent a -> Sent bSource

Map function over sentence tags.

interpsSet :: Word t -> Set tSource

Interpretations of the word.

interps :: Word t -> [t]Source

Interpretations of the word.

Weighted collection

data WMap a Source

A weighted collection of type a elements.


Eq a => Eq (WMap a) 
(Eq (WMap a), Ord a) => Ord (WMap a) 
Show a => Show (WMap a) 

mkWMap :: Ord a => [(a, Double)] -> WMap aSource

Make a weighted collection.

mapWMap :: Ord b => (a -> b) -> WMap a -> WMap bSource

Map function over weighted collection elements.