crf-chain1-0.2.3: First-order, linear-chain conditional random fields

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type Word a = Set a Source #

A Word is represented by a set of observations.

type Sent a = [Word a] Source #

A sentence of words.

data Dist a Source #

A probability distribution defined over elements of type a. All elements not included in the map have probability equal to 0.

mkDist :: Ord a => [(a, Double)] -> Dist a Source #

Construct the probability distribution.

type WordL a b = (Word a, Dist b) Source #

A WordL is a labeled word, i.e. a word with probability distribution defined over labels.

annotate :: Word a -> b -> WordL a b Source #

Annotate the word with the label.

type SentL a b = [WordL a b] Source #

A sentence of labeled words.