crypto-api-tests-0.2: A test framework and KATs for cryptographic operations.

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NIST KAT files are composed of properties, such as:

    [PredictionResistance = True]
    [EntropyInputSize = 128]

and individual known answer tests using these properties, ex:

    COUNT = 0
    EntropyInput = 7
    PersonalizationString =
    Result = 8

    COUNT = 1
    EntropyInput = 4
    PersonalizationString = 
    Result = 2

Using 'many parseCategory' this input would be converted to a single element list of TestCategory:

    [([("SHA-1",""), ("PredictionResistance", "True"), ("EntropyInputSize", "128")],
            [   [("COUNT", "0"), ("EntropyInput", "7"), ("PersonalizationString", ""), ("Result", "8")], 
              , [("COUNT", "1"), ("EntropyInput", "4"), ("PersonalizationString", ""), ("Result", "2")]])]

that is, a list of tuples, the first element is a list of properties (key/value pairs) and the second element is a list of tests. Each test is itself a list of records (key/value pairs). Properties apply to all tests contained in the second element of the tuple.