cryptol-2.4.0: Cryptol: The Language of Cryptography

Copyright(c) 2013-2016 Galois, Inc.
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This module generates random values for Cryptol types.



type Gen g = Integer -> g -> (Value, g) Source #

runOneTest Source #


:: RandomGen g 
=> Value

Function under test

-> [Gen g]

Argument generators

-> Integer


-> g 
-> IO (TestResult, g) 

Apply a testable value to some randomly-generated arguments. Returns Nothing if the function returned True, or `Just counterexample` if it returned False.

Please note that this function assumes that the generators match the supplied value, otherwise we'll panic.

testableType :: RandomGen g => Type -> Maybe [Gen g] Source #

Given a (function) type, compute generators for the function's arguments. Currently we do not support polymorphic functions. In principle, we could apply these to random types, and test the results.

randomValue :: RandomGen g => Type -> Maybe (Gen g) Source #

A generator for values of the given type. This fails if we are given a type that lacks a suitable random value generator.

randomBit :: RandomGen g => Gen g Source #

Generate a random bit value.

randomWord :: RandomGen g => Integer -> Gen g Source #

Generate a random word of the given length (i.e., a value of type [w]) The size parameter is assumed to vary between 1 and 100, and we use it to generate smaller numbers first.

randomStream :: RandomGen g => Gen g -> Gen g Source #

Generate a random infinite stream value.

randomSequence :: RandomGen g => Integer -> Gen g -> Gen g Source #

Generate a random sequence. Generally, this should be used for sequences other than bits. For sequences of bits use "randomWord". The difference is mostly about how the results will be displayed.

randomTuple :: RandomGen g => [Gen g] -> Gen g Source #

Generate a random tuple value.

randomRecord :: RandomGen g => [(Ident, Gen g)] -> Gen g Source #

Generate a random record value.