cuda- FFI binding to the CUDA interface for programming NVIDIA GPUs

Copyright[2009..2018] Trevor L. McDonell
Safe HaskellNone




Direct peer context access functions for the low-level driver interface.

Since: CUDA-4.0


Peer Access

data PeerFlag Source #

Possible option values for direct peer memory access

accessible :: Device -> Device -> IO Bool Source #

Queries if the first device can directly access the memory of the second. If direct access is possible, it can then be enabled with add.

Requires CUDA-4.0.

add :: Context -> [PeerFlag] -> IO () Source #

If the devices of both the current and supplied contexts support unified addressing, then enable allocations in the supplied context to be accessible by the current context.

Note that access is unidirectional, and in order to access memory in the current context from the peer context, a separate symmetric call to add is required.

Requires CUDA-4.0.

remove :: Context -> IO () Source #

Disable direct memory access from the current context to the supplied peer context, and unregisters any registered allocations.

Requires CUDA-4.0.