curl-aeson-0.0.3: Communicate with HTTP service using JSON

MaintainerJoel Lehtonen <>
Safe HaskellNone




Functions for communicating with JSON over HTTP connection.


How to use this library

To get bid and ask levels as a pair from a Bitcoin exchange using its public API:

{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
import Control.Monad
import Data.Aeson
import Network.Curl.Aeson

ticker :: IO (Double,Double)
ticker = curlAesonGetWith p ""
    p (Object o) = do
      bid <- o .: "bid"
      ask <- o .: "ask"
      return (bid,ask)
    p _ = mzero

The same as above, but we define our own data type which is an instance of FromJSON:

{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
import Control.Applicative
import Control.Monad
import Data.Aeson
import Network.Curl.Aeson

data Ticker = Ticker { bid :: Double
                     , ask :: Double
                     } deriving (Show)

instance FromJSON Ticker where
    parseJSON (Object o) = Ticker <$> o .: "bid" <*> o .: "ask"
    parseJSON _ = mzero

ticker :: IO Ticker
ticker = curlAesonGet ""

Sending HTTP request

curlAesonGet :: FromJSON a => URLString -> IO aSource

Shorthand for doing just a HTTP GET request and parsing the output to any FromJSON instance.

curlAesonGetWith :: (Value -> Parser a) -> URLString -> IO aSource

Shorthand for doing just a HTTP GET request and parsing the output with given parser p.



:: ToJSON a 
=> (Value -> Parser b)

Parser for response. Use parseJSON if you like want to use FromJSON instance or pure if you want it in AST format.

-> String

Request method

-> URLString

Request URL

-> [CurlOption]

Session cookies, or other cURL options. Use empty list if you don't need any.

-> Maybe a

JSON data to send, or Nothing when sending request without any content.

-> IO b

Received JSON data

Send single HTTP request.

The request automatically has Content-type: application/json header if you pass any data. This function is lenient on response content type: everything is accepted as long as it is parseable with decode.

If you need authentication, you need to pass session cookie or other means of authentication tokens via CurlOption list.

Helper functions

cookie :: String -> String -> CurlOptionSource

Single cookie of given key and value.

rawJson :: String -> Maybe ValueSource

Useful for just giving the JSON as string when it is static anyway and doesn't need to be programmatically crafted.



:: FromJSON b 
=> Parser Object

Parser to JSON object to look into

-> Text

Key to look for

-> Parser b

Parser to the resulting field

Helper function for writing parsers for JSON objects which are not needed to be parsed completely.

In this example we are parsing JSON from Note the use of the OverloadedStrings language extension which enables Text values to be written as string literals.

p (Object o) = pure obj..."glossary"..."title"
p _ = mzero

noData :: Maybe ValueSource

To avoid ambiguity in type checker you may pass this value instead of Nothing to curlAeson.

Exception handling

data CurlAesonException Source

This exception is is thrown when Curl doesn't finish cleanly or the parsing of JSON response fails.