darcs-2.10.2: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

Safe HaskellNone




getReplaces :: forall p wR wU wT wX. (RepoPatch p, ApplyState p ~ Tree, ApplyState (PrimOf p) ~ Tree, wX ~ wR) => (UseIndex, ScanKnown, DiffAlgorithm) -> Repository p wR wU wT -> Maybe [SubPath] -> IO (Sealed (FL (PrimOf p) wX)) Source

Search for possible replaces between the recordedAndPending state and the unrecorded (or working) state. Return a Sealed FL list of replace patches to be applied to the recordedAndPending state.

floatSubPath :: SubPath -> AnchoredPath Source

Transform a SubPath into an AnchoredPath.

maybeApplyToTree :: (Apply p, ApplyState p ~ Tree) => p wX wY -> Tree IO -> IO (Maybe (Tree IO)) Source

getMovesPs :: forall p wR wU wB prim. (PrimConstruct prim, PrimCanonize prim, RepoPatch p, ApplyState p ~ Tree, ApplyState (PrimOf p) ~ Tree) => Repository p wR wU wR -> Maybe [SubPath] -> IO (FL prim wB wB) Source

patchSetfMap :: (forall wW wZ. PatchInfoAnd p wW wZ -> IO a) -> PatchSet p wW' wZ' -> IO [a] Source

getRecursiveDarcsRepos :: FilePath -> IO [FilePath] Source

getRecursiveDarcsRepos returns all paths to repositories under topdir.