darcs-beta- a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system




type HashedIO r p = StateT (HashDir r p) IOSource

listHashedContents :: String -> Cache -> String -> IO [String]Source

Seems to list all hashes reachable from root.

slurpHashedPristine :: Cache -> Compression -> String -> IO SlurpySource

Create a Slurpy representing the pristine content determined by the supplied root hash (which uniquely determines the pristine tree)

writeHashedPristine :: Cache -> Compression -> Slurpy -> IO StringSource

Write contents of a Slurpy into hashed pristine. Only files that have not not yet been hashed (that is, the hash corresponding to their content is already present in hashed pristine) will be written out, so it is efficient to use this function to update existing pristine cache. Note that the pristine root hash will *not* be updated. You need to do that manually.