darcs-beta- a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system



SlurpDirectory is intended to give a nice lazy way of traversing directory trees.



slurpies_to_map :: [Slurpy] -> SlurpyMapSource

map_to_slurpies :: SlurpyMap -> [Slurpy]Source

slurp_remove :: FileName -> Slurpy -> Maybe SlurpySource

A variant of get_slurp_context that allows for replacing the child slurpy by a list of slurpies. The result of the update function will always be a singleton list unless the child slurpy was at the top level. Currently unused. get_slurp_context_list :: FileName -> Slurpy -> Maybe ([Slurpy] -> [Slurpy], Slurpy) get_slurp_context_list = get_slurp_context_generic return id

It is important to be able to readily modify a slurpy.

slurp_modfile :: FileName -> (FileContents -> Maybe FileContents) -> Slurpy -> Maybe SlurpySource

Code to modify a given file in a slurpy.