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data Bracketed p x y whereSource

This type exists for legacy support of on-disk format patch formats. It is a wrapper type that explicitly tracks the nesting of braces and parens in the on-disk representation of such patches. It is used as an intermediate form when reading such patches normally, and also for round-tripping such patches when checking the hash in bundles. It shouldn't be used for anything else.


Singleton :: p x y -> Bracketed p x y 
Braced :: BracketedFL p x y -> Bracketed p x y 
Parens :: BracketedFL p x y -> Bracketed p x y 

mapBracketed :: (forall a b. p a b -> q a b) -> Bracketed p x y -> Bracketed q x ySource

unBracketed :: Bracketed p x y -> FL p x ySource

type BracketedFL p x y = FL (Bracketed p) x ySource

mapBracketedFL_FL :: (forall a b. p a b -> q a b) -> BracketedFL p x y -> BracketedFL q x ySource